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Best Things about Fullerton Bay Hotel That You Might Figure Out

Fullerton Bay Hotel is already famous for its outstanding services. But, not everyone knows the best facilities within the hotel. The exterior represents the overall existence within. However, it is much better to find out the best things within the hotel that make all guests want to come back for more joyful living experiences.

Fullerton Bay Hotel

Start from the Rooftop of Fullerton Bay Hotel

All guests who have made reservations will directly go to the rooftop. They want to start enjoying the super-wide swimming pool outdoor. Lounge chairs are around the pool where everyone can witness the skyline and Marina Bay. The swimming pool is not the only attraction here.

The rooftop has Jacuzzis, a fitness center with high technology equipment, and a shaded sundeck. After having a rejuvenating moment at those sites, the best thing is to have a great moment at the Lantern Rooftop bar.

There are signature cocktails, fine wines, the best champagnes, gourmet snacks, and many things to enjoy. This bar is perfect for night visits because there are always special evening hours with different kinds of wines and beers.

Outstanding Rooms for the Best Vacation Moments

All rooms at Fullerton Bay Hotel are outstanding. There are ‘only’ 100 rooms here, so it is best to make an early booking. A glamorous setting is available through the choice of chrome fittings with glassy and sleek rosewood leather.

The best thing about every room here is the floor-to-ceiling windows that allow guests to witness the Marina Bay Sands or the Clifford Pier. Don’t worry, there is always a balcony in every room for guests to pamper their eyes and soul.

Fullerton Bay Hotel also has the standard of most hotels in Singapore in which the rooms are not only spacious but also elegant in design. So, every guest can expect ample bathrooms with such exclusive toiletries as Hermès, Ferragamo, or Bottega Veneta.

Perfect amenities include a Nespresso machine and Wi-Fi connection to help all business people finish their job perfectly well. There is always a separated bathtub and shower stall.

There are also rooms for disabled guests. The hotel also pays attention to family guests, because there are kits for kids like coloring books, puzzles, Fullerton Teddy Bear, ice cream, and others that kids will love. Besides, all the dining restaurants here provide a baby dining chair and kid dining chair. Each bathroom in every room also has changing tables for the baby. Yet, parents can request cleaning equipment for babies.

For some business people, Fullerton Bay Hotel is classified as one of the cheap hotels in Singapore.  However, whichever that it costs, the hotel has such a great value for money.  There are too many things to explore in this hotel, whether they are excellent cuisines in world-class restaurants, perfect services at the gym and swimming pool, as well as and wonderful panoramas through every room’s floor-to-ceiling windows. Besides, it is already SG Clean certified to ensure that all guests stay comfortably.