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Spend Your Summer Holiday at Capella Singapore

Capella Singapore is indeed one of the best hotels in Singapore. But, it is more than just a hotel with excellent facilities and amenities within each room. It will satisfy your desire to reach beaches and other amusement parks that you can enjoy for the whole day in this tropical country.

Capella Singapore

Best Beaches Nearby Capella Singapore

Spending some nights in this hotel is an authentic delight. If you take the benefit of your Singapore Rediscovers Vouchers, then you’ll be very fortunate to get special prices. If you are one of those people from four seasoned countries, you’ll enjoy some amusement parks and beaches in Singapore.

The reason why you choose Capella Singapore is its proximity to some beaches. The closest one is Palawan Beach. Don’t worry, in this place, the weather is always consistent for the whole year. Your plan to enjoy Palawan Beach at any month is excellent. But of course, December is the highest season, so you might want to visit another month. In Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries, the holiday takes place from June to July. So, make your own decision.

Reaching Palawan Beach from the hotel is simple as it is very near. But, make sure you bring an umbrella. It can be very hot for those who are not used to spend days in tropical cities. If you want total satisfaction, come earlier at 9 AM. But, if the sunset is your main aim, then you can attend here at 4 PM.

Another choice of beach is Siloso Beach. That is also another favorite place for tourists who spend days at Sentosa Island. This is such an amazing beach where visitors can have a fabulous sun tanning moment. There are lots of activities here that you can try like cycling, playing beach volley and of course playing with sands.

Fort and Museum

Fort Siloso is also one of the simplest places to reach from the hotel. It remains a port, though it is not becoming a museum. Dig deeper into Singapore’s history of making some defenses in World War II against the Japanese. There are replicas of weapons and other fascinating things to see.

Don’t forget to enter the underground tunnels’ labyrinth. These tunnels were used by the soldiers during the war. This museum is mostly visited by school students to learn about their country’s history.

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Nobody wants to miss the Siloso Skywalk. Rare people know about this skywalk unless they visit Siloso Beach. From this spot, anyone can see the beautiful view of Singapore. It connects Siloso Fort to Siloso Point, as long as 181 meters. Of course, your camera should be your main thing to bring. From this place, you can take a trail to some other places that you want to visit.

Now, all you have to do is to find Singapore Rediscovers Vouchers to make a reservation at Capella Singapore. Make sure you don’t miss this year’s holiday because Singapore provides magnificent offers for all tourists worldwide since 2021.